Customer Testimonials & Reviews

We know you have options when choosing your water treatment equipment and home purification systems. As a 3rd generation family business with over 60 years of experience under our belts, we like to think that we provide the best option for products and services to our customers throughout Ohio. Instead of a “one size fits all” approach, we believe in meeting our customers’ unique needs and addressing their problems on a one-to-one basis.

But as they say, “don’t take our word for it!” Read what some of our happy customers have to say about us. Or, we would appreciate if you would leave a review of your own. You can find us on Facebook, Google+ or just pass us a review directly. Read more about how you can review our business in 5 minutes!

“We really like our new Kinetico system. The water is great to drink. The laundry looks better, especially the whites. And the best thing is the orange streaks in the toilet and shower are gone”

Jim Ulmer, Seville, Ohio

“Our old R/O systems stopped working after many years of great service. We upgraded to a new R/O system, with a larger capacity tank, filters that replaced easily, and increased water pressure. Mark Smith and an assistant were both polite and knowledgeable and replaced the old system quickly. I would recommend Clearwater to anyone would wants pure water and clear ice cubes.”

Patricia Howell, Massillon, Ohio

“Thank you Clearwater Systems for the newly installed air induction filter system. Instant improvement with my iron problem.”

Jason Marzilli, Green, Ohio

“I love our new reverse osmosis drinking water system. It’s so much more convenient than the countertop PUR system we were using… I now have valuable counter space back. It’s reassuring to know all the water we are now using for drinking and cooking is clean and safe. I should have done this a long time ago!”

Kathleen Hammond, Ohio

“Love my new softener system! Makes my dishes cleaner and saves my blonde hair from the well water!!”

Sam Reese, Diamond, Ohio

“We now have a new Kinetico Premier water softener and a Kinetico Aquakinetic A200 Reverse Osmosis drinking water system to go with the Air Induction Filter installed in 2010. The entire system was installed by Clearwater, whose work has been high-quality professional. When I wanted a slight modification after installation, Clearwater supported me immediately with the needed part. How do I know we did the right thing? My wife is very happy with her tea, the dishwasher, the shower, and our clothes. When she’s happy, I’m happy! This makes the extra expense of a quality water filtration system worthwhile. Thanks Clearwater!”

Jim Hogan, Bath, Ohio

“Our old water system was almost 40+ yrs old. It took my brother-in law to tell us that our water from the faucet smelled like sulfur. To shorten the story, we got one of your systems and what a difference now. Great H20 to drink and so soft now. Very good service and reps.”

Janet Wolf, Barberton, Ohio

“If you are tired of fighting rust stains in your sink, toilet, shower , and hair I absolutely recommend a Clearwater iron filter! I will never purchase another bottle of rust remover again!”

Nikki Laghetto, Ohio

“Just put in a new system last week and cant believe the difference good water can make in my hair and skin! my clothes even feel better! Thanks to you all! love my water!”

Christine Yoe, Ohio

“After have bad water for so many years, I cannot believe the difference tn the water with out new Clearwater system. Cleaning the toilet and sinks use to be a daily job, now it always looks clean no rust. Taking a shower is a real pleasure. Thank you Clearwater.”

Stan Jankowski, Streetsboro, Ohio

“We were very happy with Clearwater. They came out and changed our filters and explained our whole system to us. We now have drinkable water.”

Jim Popelmayer, Ohio

“I have wasted my money on two other water systems. Neither one was cheap. It was not pleasant dealing with their service departments to the point that I just threw a five thousand dollar system away. I never once drank the nasty water at my house. It ruined my dishwasher in one year. We had to use iron out by the cup loads to our salt and my shower wall was still dark orange and the house smelled awful. Now I have crystal clear/ no smell water that is a joy to drink. Kinetico is amazing.”

Elaine Patterson, Ohio

“I have had Clearwater’s iron filter in my home for 10 years. We just up graded to the newer iron filter and can taste the difference already, should have done it sooner!!”

Richard James, Mansfield, Ohio

“I love the Eradicator System I had installed! My well water is so hard and full of sulfur and iron, I can’t believe there was an answer to my smelly awful water! AND no more buying and changing that filthy pre-filter. We are happy to have the Kinetico RO tap, but we can even drink from the faucet! As an experiment, I haven’t cleaned a toilet since Dec 21…still no orange or black film or smell! It’s a Christmas miracle I tell you!”

Deb Vetrano Stover, West Salem, Ohio

“Wanted to say thank you for your wonderful service and helping me with what my doctor said was mild dehydration. I vowed to drink more water for sometime, but couldn’t stand the taste of my tap water… Thanks Again.”

Donny Walton, Wooster, Ohio

“Our switch to Clearwater complete system is the BEST decision/purchase we have made for our terrible water. We had black in our toilets, bath/sinks, and my washer..our whites had black spots or total gray. Within a couple days the toilet stains lessened, today a month later, there are no stains, my white clothes are actually white. If you are having a serious water problem. Call Clearwater!”

Darlene Roth, Ohio

“Great installation of chlorine injection system. On time, reasonable, professional. Water tastes great.”

Carl Boja, Ohio

“Our new water softener and iron filter from Clearwater Systems were just installed. What a difference! The water feels and tastes better, plus it doesn’t smell like rotten eggs anymore! Thanks!”

Carolyn Caner Fleischer, Hudson, Ohio

“Bought our first water softener from Clearwater 17(?) years ago from Mike Tushar. He was great..even with our baby pot belly pig pestering him! That unit lasted until a few months ago. (Our pig is still going strong!) Just purchased another system from Mike. Water is as clear as can be, soft & no odor. Thanks!”

Pamela Atkins Wilke, Ohio

“I noticed how soft my lips and skin is since the system was installed. I use less soap and shampoo. It was a good investment.”

Catherine Schrickel, Ohio

“Our water system is great and the newest one we bought for my mother in law has changed her life. Great Job Clearwater Systems!”

Jennifer Yanity, Coshocton, Ohio

“The new water softener system is awesome, so much easier on laundry, bathing, and makes you skin soft too. No more sulfur smell or brown water. Cleaning anything water related is much easier also. Thanks.”

Nathan Steiner, Ashland, Ohio

“Our new RO system gives us a much-improved water flow and recovery time over the old system. The advances made in this system’s technology are remarkable. Doesn’t take any time at all to fill up a 12-cup coffee maker with RO water. And you should see the clarity in our ice cubes now.”

Al Ashurst, Akron, Ohio

“I have always grown up using a Salt filter system. Once you have one, you will never go back to not having one. It cuts cleaning time especially in the bathroom, no soap scum build up, your skin feels silky when you come out of the shower, it is truly great. Thanks Clearwater for handling our filtering needs!”

Natalie Parks, Akron, Ohio

“We had the your Filter system for several year,but upgraded to the new Kinetico System just several month ago and we are totally happy.No more smell the water is soft.The water we drink is also going through a filter system you installed due to his Hemocromotosis and we are very pleased with the results”

Henny Dionne, Ohio

“I bought a Clearwater system and r/o system several weeks ago. I am very happy with it so far. We are never without pure soft water now and having the r/o system in our house now makes it so much more convenient to drink fresh/clean water anytime. I highly recommend them.”

Dave Smith, Mansfield, Ohio

“We got a new system ours was 13 years old,Our water is awful we use 12 50 lb. bags of salt a month. And are whites are yellow. So far this new softener has been great.”

Vyktorya Reynolds, Rootstown, Ohio

“Our system is working great. We love how soft the water is! Taste better too.”

Diane Kavali, Uniontown, Ohio

“Love the system you installed in our home in Granger Township! It has changed the way we look at water!”

Dave Ambrose, Medina, Ohio