Ground Water Contamination

Washington, DC – Members of Congress received information today from the Water Quality Association about methods to help ensure safe well water, as a new study revealed the extent of contamination in the nation”s ground water.

WQA attended a congressional briefing sponsored by the US Geological Survey”s (USGS) National Water Quality Assessment Program and the Water Environment Federation (WEF). During the briefing, the USGS released findings on samples of more than 2,000 wells.

“It is vital for public policy makers to understand what tens of millions of Americans are ingesting and how they can be helped,” said Peter Censky, president of WQA.

Nearly 45 million people rely on private wells for drinking water, which is not regulated by the federal Safe Drinking Water Act. According to news reports in previous months, almost one in six Americans may be affected by pharmaceuticals in their household water. Additionally, many other contaminants are often present, either from natural or human sources.

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