Triple Guarantee

Free 90 Day Trial Emblem SmallWith our 90 day risk-free trial offer for all of our water filtration and purification systems, we make it easy for home and business owners who want to try the benefits of pure water but are unsure about which system is right for their needs. At Clearwater Systems Ohio, we are confident that no water filtration system is better than what we have to offer. We will happily take back any of our water purification systems that do not meet the expectations of any of our clientele.

By providing our customers with the best possible value and quality of water filters and purifiers, we aim to earn the loyalty of anyone who wishes to have cleaner and healthier water. We use environmentally friendly components in our treatment systems and continue to be innovative in our offerings as we have for the 60 years of our company’s history.

Our unique triple guarantee means anyone can try out our advanced filtration systems with no risk and no obligation. If any part of our water purification and filtration system fails to live up to expectations, we will come and get it, no questions asked and no payments required. Our customers have nothing to lose except the unhealthy and poor tasting water that runs throughout their homes and businesses. Try us out and enjoy the best tasting water through our water filtration systems.

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