Salt Free Water Conditioners

Are you experiencing the deleterious effects of excess salt in your water caused by hard water conditioners? Homeowners and business owners alike experience these saline-related problems in different ways. Overall, one commonality is that most of our customers are initially not sure which solutions are effective with these types of hard water problems. All they know is that there is buildup in their pipes, faucets and showers. Thankfully, we have answers that will put your water softening needs to rest without adding extra sodium.

How Do Salt-Free Water Conditioners Work

Our filter-based salt-free water conditioner functions in a scientifically measurable way. It employs a media or catalyst to condition the water. The conditioning is designed to eliminate scale buildup in your pipes.

A whole-house reverse osmosis system can also soften your water without using salt. Reverse osmosis filters are normally thought of as drinking water purification systems, but if used on a large scale, they can purify and soften your entire house’s water.

How Our Products Help You

When you are looking for the best solution for salt-free water softeners, we have two distinct products to offer. Each step of the way, representatives and professionals from Clearwater Systems are your access to the best solution for your water-related concerns. Listed below, we have detailed both of our salt-free water softeners so that you can make an informed decision about which product to purchase.

Saltless Scale Reducing System (SRS)Kinetico SRS (Scale Reducing System)

Similar to a standard water softener, the Kinetico Scale Reducing System prevents damage related to hard water scale buildup. Unlike similar systems, ours does not require adding chemicals or salt because it does not need to discharge brine. One other benefit is that it will not need extra electricity to offer aid because the flow of water recharges this unit. By not needing electricity, there are no computers or timers to repair.

TX MembraneTX Membrane System

Many homeowners find it unpleasant to periodically buy salt for a water softener. Other inconveniences are related to not knowing or realizing when it is time to repurchase and refill the filter with salt. When you want a system that works without constant maintenance, the TX Membrane is the solution. It uses reverse osmosis technology to filter and soften your water without salt.

Free Water Analysis

When it is time to employ a technology that changes the way your home uses the water it needs, Clearwater Systems is here to help. We will give you a free analysis of your water and help you to understand which problems it is presenting. After you have an idea of what is in your water, we can help you to find the filtering solutions that work best for you. For more information about salt-free water softeners and more, give us a call.

Have more questions about our salt free water conditioners? To learn more about how they work or how you can get one installed in your home, please contact us today.