Commercial Water Membrane Systems

Clean Water for your CustomersWhen a business needs water that is free of chemicals, our commercial water membrane systems at Clearwater Systems are a wise choice. We supply a wide variety of membrane purification systems to industries including food and beverage manufacturing, farms, water treatment centers, electricity companies, electronics manufacturing, electroplating, cities and chemical producers. Our low energy systems are able to produce large quantities of pure water quickly, efficiently and effectively. From small scale businesses to the needs of large cities, our systems offer pure water as is needed in any situation. Our vast list of solutions below offer needs for any sized client:

Electric & Non-Electric Reverse Osmosis & Nanofiltration

Our nanofiltration systems lower the amount of tannins, nitrates, sulfates and artificial colors in water. They produce food grade water for use in restaurant settings.

Low Energy Membrane Systems

Low energy reverse osmosis membrane systems consume little energy and use low pressure to generate highly pure water.

Small Point of use Reverse Osmosis Systems

Our small point of use reverse osmosis systems fit onto a faucet, water fountain or other water fixture to clean water at the fixture as it comes out of the tap.

Industrial Reverse Osmosis Systems to 30 Gallons per Minute

When a large amount of purified water is needed, our industrial reverse osmosis systems are powerful enough to filter up to 30 gallons of water each minute.

Combination RO/UV Systems

The combination of ultraviolet (UV) light and reverse osmosis leads to quick disinfection and purification of water.

Combination RO/DI Systems

Our combined reverse osmosis and deionizing water filtration systems are perfect for use in sensitive settings such as laboratories, aquariums and more.