Commercial Water Systems

With over 60 years experience in commercial, industrial, and institutional water treatment, Clearwater Systems Kinetico can provide expert design, installation and commercial service for water treatment systems of all types.  Our partnership with the water treatment industry’s major manufacturers allows us to offer you the right solution for your water quality problems.   From off the shelf, packaged equipment to custom designed and engineered systems, Clearwater Systems Kinetico can suggest options that range from maximum economy to maximum efficiency.

Our factory trained installers and service technicians, certified by the International Water Quality Association as experts in their respective fields, can be counted on for professional service and support when you need it.
For a free analysis of your water and a free report on how improving it can save your business money, contact Clearwater Systems today!

Commercial Drinking Water

  • Bottled Water & Water Coolers
  • Bottleless Water Coolers &  Purifiers
  • Drinking Water Filters
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems
  • Bacteria & Virus Biofilters
  • Ultra Violet Sterilizers
  • Chlorinators

Commercial Water Softeners

  • Compact Commercial Softeners
  • Hot Water Softeners
  • Electric & Non-Electric Softeners
  • Combination Filter/Softeners
  • Customer Designed Softeners
  • Skid Mounted Preplumbed Softeners

Commercial Water Filters

  • Cartridge Filters
  • Electric & Non-Electric Backwashing Filters
  • Up Flow, Non-Backwashing Filters
  • Twin Tank Continuous Filters
  • Multi Media Filters
  • Proprietary Filtration Media

Commercial Water Membrane Systems

  • Electric & Non-Electric Reverse Osmosis & Nanofiltration
  • Low Energy Membrane Systems
  • Small Point of use Reverse Osmosis Systems
  • Industrial Reverse Osmosis Systems to 30 Gallons per Minute
  • Combination RO/UV Systems
  • Combination RO/DI Systems

Commercial Deionizers

  • Portable Exchange Service DI Tanks
  • Automatic Two Bed & Mixed Bed Deionizers
  • Combination RO/DI Systems
  • DI Pretreatment Systems

Special Commercial Water Applications

  • Arsenic Reduction
  • Dechlorination
  • Dealkalization
  • Nitrate Reduction
  • pH Adjustment