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Clearwater Systems provides low pH water treatment systems that combat chlorine, hardness, iron, and bacteria. Our Kinetico Water Softeners are twin-tank, non-electric systems that provide clean pure water 24 hours a day, everyday!

Ask about the Kinetico K5 Reverse Osmosis System that provides pure drinking water right from your sink!

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Iron in Water

Iron can be present in water in leaving orange-brown staining in sinks, tubs, and water using appliances. Iron also can cause corrosion to plumbing and fixtures.

Hard water is the amount of dissolved calcium and magnesium in the water that enters your home.

Hard Water

Blue-Green Staining

Staining of this type is the result of the corrosion of copper pipes or fixtures. The primary culprit is the pH balance of your water.

Chlorine Taste/Smell

Municipalities use Chlorine and Chloramines to disinfect the water. Chlorine can also cause drying of your skin and unmanageable hair.

Ready for Better Water?

Get Cleaner, Better-Tasting water. Simply fill out the form to schedule your FREE water test!

Jack Duffy

Jack grew up in Richmond, VA and has lived in Charlottesville for the past six years. He graduated from Virginia Military Institute in 2010 and subsequently spent time as a volunteer with the United States Peace Corps and AmeriCorps. Jack joined the Clearwater team in January of 2018 and has obtained certification from the Water Quality Association as a Certified Water Representative. Jack loves meeting new people and helping them obtain the highest quality of water possible in their home. He also enjoys kayaking and hiking with his two dogs.

Authorized Independent Dealer

  • Many different pollutants and contaminants are invisible to the naked eye. Water traveling through or sitting in corroded lead pipes can pick up debris that is too small for the eye to see but that can be hazardous to your health.
  • Ground water can easily become contaminated by pollutants such as oil or gas, or runoff from farms, hazardous waste and even road salt can leak into your water supply and become a threat.

Why Should I Have My Water Tested?

Protecting your family is your first priority, but it’s important to know what you are dealing with. Getting your water tested will give you peace of mind knowing exactly what is in your water.