The Importance of Water Testing

Why Test Your Water?Sometimes our customers think that just because our water testing is free, that it either isn’t necessary or is just simply optional. After years in the business, however, we know that the water test is the most important step in shopping for a water system. In fact, half of the new system installs we do are replacement systems for improperly designed or inadequate systems that didn’t meet our customer’s needs.

That’s why our free water test is so important. It only takes about fifteen minutes, and allows our experts to screen for a number of factors including iron, ph, TDS (total disposable solids), odors, tannins and water hardness. We then combine these results with your specific water pressure and plumbing system to recommend the most precise system or line of systems for you.

Water systems are not a one-size-fits-all purchase, and we want to make the shopping process as easy as possible for you by pointing you in the right direction from the start. Our goal is always to get our customers the best value to meet their needs, and it all starts with a simple, free test!

Get started today. Contact Clearwater Systems for your free water test!