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Joshua Zeledon

Meet Water Specialist Joshua Zeledon

Joshua Zeledon

Joshua has been in the water industry since 2016 and has been with Clearwater Systems since 2019.  He is a KUDOS certified water specialist with Kinetico Water Systems.  Joshua is the 2020 Kinetico 400 Silver Sales Award Winner!  He is ranked in the top two of the country for Kinetico Dual System Sales in 2020.

According to Joshua, he enjoys working with Clearwater Systems because they are family-oriented and supply American made products.  Similarly, he is passionate about selling Kinetico products because they provide 24/7 treated water with no electricity involved.  He believes that Kinetico products are well designed and are his first choice to recommend in Water Treatment Equipment.

This past year, Joshua moved to the Prescott Valley area and enjoys spending his time outdoors.  He enjoys fishing, hiking, playing golf, and has a passion for woodworking. Joshua also enjoys playing the acoustic guitar, piano, and violin.

As a Water Specialist, Joshua finds it to be an honor to provide families with excellent quality water.  At home, he has three children with one on the way and finds it to be such a joy to offer other families like his with clean, safe water.

If you are in Arizona and would like more information or a Free Water Analysis, be sure to ask for Joshua Zeledon.