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Can I Install A Water Softener System Myself?

Hard water can be a real challenge in your home. The effects of hard water can be widespread in your household. Dry, irritated skin and brittle hair are unfortunate side effects of hard water, which strips moisture from the body … Continue reading

The Skinny on Home Drinking Water Testing

Your home should be a source of comfort and shelter to you. However, there could be hidden dangers lurking in a place that’s often overlooked: your water supply. Many places around the country have polluted or contaminated drinking water, so … Continue reading

Tips for Choosing the Right Water Filter For Your Home

You have made the wise decision to install a water filter system into your home. Water is what you drink, cook with, and bathe in, so having poor water can easily make you and your family sick. The more proactive … Continue reading

When Your Water Smells Likes Rotten Eggs?

When your water smells like rotten eggs, the stench is an unmistakable sign of sulfur-contaminated water. While it doesn’t cause any serious health effects, the odor is extremely off-putting, and the sulfur can damage your plumbing and other objects in … Continue reading

What is Causing My Water Smelly?

Smelly water has a handful of common causes, depending on the smell. The usual odors are sulfur (aka “the rotten egg smell”), sewage, and chlorine bleach, which are caused by naturally occurring anaerobic bacteria and chemicals that accumulate in wells, … Continue reading

How to Remove Iron and Rust Stains in Sinks, Bathtubs, and on Other Surfaces

If you’re seeing rust stains in your sink, in your shower or toilet, or even on your clothes, you probably have a few questions. Namely, why is rust forming on surfaces that aren’t made of iron, and how do I prevent it? Rust stains … Continue reading

Remodeling Your Home Should Start with Your Water

The home remodeling season is in full swing, as home shows advertise around the northwestern Pennsylvania area. The winter of 2018 may have wrought changes not readily apparent to the eye, but if you are considering a kitchen or bathroom … Continue reading

How to Remove Chlorine from Your Drinking Water

Clearwater Systems carries a full line of whole house water filtration systems that can remove chlorine from your water. Learn more about our systems. Continue reading

Hard Water Scale Buildup Causes and Solutions

You may have heard about scale buildup in relation to equipment damage, clogged faucets or pipes, tile discoloration and shower stall cleaning difficulties. In simple terms, this effect is caused by mineralized water. When it combines with soap and other materials, … Continue reading

The Benefits of Better Water

Better water is just that . . . better. We’re big fans of Kinetico water products, not just because we sell the product but because we use and experience the benefits of using Kinetico water systems in our own homes … Continue reading