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Ohio PFAS Action Plan by EPA

Most people take for granted that when they turn on their kitchen faucet in the U.S., the water that flows out is safe to drink. But in Ohio and many other parts of the country, concern has been growing about … Continue reading

Is Fracking Causing Water Pollution?

While fracking supplies us with a much needed resource, many studies show that fracking sites may be causing pollution to nearby drinking water sources. Research performed by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) found chemicals like benzene in the groundwater near … Continue reading

Fracking Water Treatment and Analysis

Your water may be contaminated due to fracking—now what? You should never have any doubt that your water is clean, pure, and 100% safe for you and your family to drink and use daily. That’s why we provide everyone with … Continue reading

Fracking Chemicals are Ending Up in Drinking Water

Studies have shown that chemicals used in the fracking process may make their way into nearby water supplies. If drills that use fracking are in or around your area, getting your water supply checked for contaminates is a must to … Continue reading

Can the Fracking Process Affect Water Quality?

What is Fracking? Hydraulic fracking, more commonly referred to as just “fracking,” is a complex drilling process used to release natural gasses or oil. The fracking process begins when vertical wells are dug far into the earth to reach underground … Continue reading

Is Fracking in Ohio Causing Drinking Water Contamination?

With the search for natural resources becoming more challenging, gas and oil drillers have turned to the Utica Shale as an area with promising prospects. The organic rich nature of the shale rock in the Utica Shale makes it an … Continue reading