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Designing Spaces of Hope

Clearwater Systems Contributes to Home Renovation for Purple Heart Veteran on “Designing Spaces of Hope – Project Homeward Bound” TV Show JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – August 1, 2013 – Clearwater Systems, a water treatment company in Jacksonville, has partnered with Designing … Continue reading

Chromium-6 Is Widespread in US Tap Water

Chromium-polluted tap water is a widespread problem in the US. Read this article from Clearwater Systems about chromium water contaminants. Continue reading

To Fight Chromium, Homeowners Can Find Certified Products and Professionals

This article will show how you can fight chromium with certified products and professionals. Reducing chromium is important and Clearwater Systems is here to help! Continue reading

Fluoride Pregnancy Problems

Read this interesting study regarding fluoride pregnancy problems. The study shows that if you are pregnant and avoid fluoride, anemia in pregnancy is drastically reduced. Continue reading

Does Tap Water Cause Lou Gehrig’s Disease?

A recent article from Miller-McClune suggested that tap water might cause Lou Gehrig’s disease. Read our thoughts on Continue reading

Water Chemical Restrictions

Get the latest in drinking water regulations by reading this article – ‘US Bolsters Chemical Restrictions for Water’. Clearwater Systems will always keep you updated with clean drinking water regulations. Continue reading

Water Quality News

Clearwater Systems is helping Akron residents reduce their manganese exposure from water. Learn more about your water quality by taking a complimentary water test today. Continue reading

Do You Have Hard Water or Soft Water?

A recent article from C.F. Michaud details his experiments to determine what is considered soft water and hard water. Click to learn if you have hard water. Continue reading

Water News Medicine

Read this interesting article – ‘Medicines Infiltrate US Drinking Supply’. If you are concerned about this issue, Clearwater Systems can help you by testing your water for medicines. Continue reading

Fluoride In Drinking Water Linked To Lower IQ In Children

Do you know the effects of Fluoride in drinking water? Studies have been done to show the dangers of fluoride in our water, specifically its effect on children. Continue reading