Clean Environment

Benefits… a clean environment and healthy you!

The stories about the number of pollutants being dumped into our water supply are numerous and do nothing but confirm the need to consider the quality of your water.  These pollutants range from industrial pollution to medical waste as discussed in the Filter My Water Blog.

But one thing is for certain, there are ways in which you can dramatically improve the quality of your water, while at the same time positively impacting environmental awareness efforts in your community.

With a focused eye on this environmental awareness, water filtration by Clearwater Systems, either installed or at our self service facilities, supplies healthy water for drinking and general use.

On top of the personal benefit, using water filtration and purification systems will:

  • Reduce the reliance on petroleum, domestic or foreign, used in the manufacturing of plastic bottles
  • Reduce landfills by reducing the demand for single use, plastic bottles
  • Reduces the presence of harmful chemicals in the water supply


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