Do magnetic, electromagnetic, or other “no salt” water conditioners soften and remove iron like a water softener?

Every few years another new company surfaces featuring a “new” miracle product that will supposedly offer the benefits of a water softener without using salt. The obvious reaction is “Great. I can get rid of my softener, stop buying and carrying salt, and just strap this little device to my plumbing and still get soft water”. These types of products have been in and out of the market for over 30 years. They usually come and go quickly as the consumer complaints mount, forcing the new company to move to another area. However, with internet national and international sales marketing I’m afraid they will be around to mislead and sell millions on benefits that will never be realized. Believe me; if testing proved these products worked, our company would have added them to our catalog years ago. If you’re tempted, do the research. You’ll save yourself several hundred to thousands of dollars and avoid an awful lot of frustration.
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