Why do I need a water test before choosing a water treatment product?

An accurate water test is extremely important to make sure your purchase will give the results you expect without over spending. No water test- No guarantee. A very risky shortcut. A water test is usually free and only takes about 15 minutes. A proper analysis should include tests for hardness, iron, odors, ph, tannins and TDS (total dissolved solids) as well as any specific drinking water concerns. The amounts and the combination of issues, along with water pressure, plumbing size and type, and an installation site inspection, will determine the type and size of water treatment equipment necessary to correct your specific water problems. Once armed with accurate water test results, you can now comparison shop wisely. In an average month our company installs approximately 500 water systems, half of which were purchased to replace improperly designed or too small systems, most purchased without a water analysis, that had no chance of ever working effectively or lasting for a reasonable amount of time. Please, don’t make the same mistake. Do it right the first time.
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