Powerline Water Softeners

The Powerline Series water softeners offer a more traditional and economical alternative to your hard water problems.

Powerline Water Softeners

You Choose.

Powerline water softeners run on an easy-to-use 12-day calendar clock that sets their automatic regeneration. This means that you can choose exactly when and how often you want your water softener to regenerate.  Powerline water softeners are perfect for those who have more predictable water usage.

You Pay Less.

Powerline water softeners cost less, while still getting the job done. Powerline water softeners work within your budget to eliminate hard water spots, mineral deposits, scale buildup, iron stains and soap scum.

Having hard water or other water problems in your home can be a real hassle, but you don’t have to pay loads of money to get it fixed. Powerline water softeners are easy on your wallet, while still having the power and capabilities to eliminate your water problems in a way that is simple and controllable.

Powerline water softeners are protected by a 5-year warranty on the tanks, a 3-year warranty on valve body and brine valve assembly and 1-year warranty on valve seals and electronic valve components.

Not sure if Powerline water softeners are right for you? Contact us about our free 90-day trial period!