Special Commercial Water Applications

Commercial Water Treatment SolutionsClearwater Systems has the knowledge and skills to design, install and service your commercial water applications. We have partnered with major manufacturers so that we can offer the perfect solution to your water problems.

We will work with you to custom design a system that will increase profitability, reduce waste and help you achieve your goals. In addition to other commercial water purification options, we offer the special applications listed below.

Special Commercial Water Applications

Arsenic Reduction is vital in areas where arsenic levels exceed the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency limits for drinking water.

Dechlorination is necessary to make chlorinated water safe to discharge into the environment and to avoid causing health problems in people.

Dealkalization reduces corrosive minerals in water including chloride, nitrates and sulfates that can make water harsh and give it a salty taste.

Nitrate Reduction is essential to removing nitrates. Conventional water treatment processes do not remove nitrates due to their soluble nature.

pH Adjustment reduces the amount of hydrogen in water. A high pH balance can be acidic, tastes bad and can damage metal pipes. This can also lead to scale buildup in plumbing.

Our installers and service technicians are International Water Quality Association certified to provide expert service and support for your commercial needs. Contact us for a free water analysis and consultation to learn more about our systems and how we can help with your current and future needs.