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Whole House Water systems:

  • Eliminant problem water Before water enters your home.
  • Improve water with cleaner – better tasting, safe water.
  • Protect your appliances and fixtures from hard water scale.
  • Reduce stains and corrosion caused by low pH, iron and sulfur.
  • Remove sediment so water is not cloudy.
  • Protect your family from lead, metals, and other emerging contaminants.

Do I Need a Whole Home Water Treatment System?

  • Our local water system experts will help you choose the right water system for your home.
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  • We will analyze your raw water, explain the results and show you how it affects you and your home.
  • Once the test is completed, the Water Specialist will help you find the correct solution for your home’s needs with our whole home water systems.
  • THERE IS NOTHING TO LOSE! There is no obligation. We also offer our customers a 90 Day risk-free guarantee. We’ll take all the risk to prove the quality of our home water treatment systems!
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We have very hard water in Fairview and needed a new water softener. I have been extremely happy with the whole home Kinetico water system from the knowledgeable folks at Luminous/Clearwater systems. It works great and the drinking water is fantastic. Luminous/Clearwater is the clear choice!

Stan Zlotkowski
Northwestern PA

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