Ultra Pure High Purity Water Treatment

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Ultra Pure Solutions Inc. is a division of Clearwater Systems, specializing in your high purity water needs. Our team of highly experienced water professionals operates your only local Service Exchange facility.

At our Service Exchange facility, we have the capability to regenerate or rebed cation, anion, carbon and mixed water treatment tanks, which are used to produce high-quality water at your facility, without the hassle of maintaining or servicing water treatment equipment onsite.

Benefits of Service DI include:

  • Minimal capital investment
  • No operational responsibility
  • Guaranteed water quality & quantity
  • Flexible account configurations to respond to your immediate needs
  • High purity water for temporary situations

Whatever it takes to help our customers achieve their water treatment system goals, we are ready to help.

Industries that Benefit from High Purity Water:


Manufacturing facilities require high purity water to keep expensive, high-performance equipment running. It is also a requirement in many manufacturing processes such as planting, washing, painting and assembly as high purity water prevents the transference of waterborne contaminants to the end product.


When water runs your business, water spots and buildup can damage both your equipment and your reputation. A high purity water service can prevent both.

Dialysis machine in a medical center


Ultrapure water in the medical industry is paramount for cleaning and running sensitive equipment. Our local regeneration service provides the response time you need to keep your facility running.