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Buy Sidewalk Salt from Clearwater Systems

Sidewalk Salt

Whether water is supplied by a private well or a municipality, most homes in our region suffer from hard water. Hard water is the amount of dissolved calcium and magnesium in the water that enters your home.
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Chemicals & Supplies


Keep your softener and filters clean or balance pH with chemical cleaners and neutralizers from Clearwater Systems. Iron and rust build-up can accumulate in softeners and compromise efficiency…
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Drinking Water from Clearwater Systems


When supplying water for your home or office, make the safe, tasty choice with a bottled water system. We have replacement bottles in 5 and 3-gallon sizes. If you are looking to purchase or replace a new system…
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Filter Change

Drinking Water Filters

Not all contaminated water looks and smells the same. Discoloration and rotten egg smell are two obvious signs that you need to filter your water, but did you know that even clear, odorless water may contain contaminants…
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Media - Resin, Gravel, Carbon

Media - Resin, Gravel, Carbon

Media products to ensure your system runs smoothly and efficiently…
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UV Bulb

UV Bulbs

UV replacement lamps for most major ultraviolet water purification brands.
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Pond Filter

Pond Filters

When properly filtered and disinfected, surface water can provide a source of clean, safe, and inexpensive water for household uses, livestock, lawn and garden, swimming pools or any other home or farm purpose.
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