Water Smells Musty Fishy Or Earthy – Get Rid Of Musty Water Smell

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What Causes Musty Water Smell? Why Does My Water Smell Funny?

If you notice a musty, fishy, or earthy smell in your tap water, it is probably the result of an algae bloom. Algae bloom, or geosmin, occurs when algae grow in a city’s water supply source. Typically algae will be filtered out of the water during the treatment process, but a residual smell often remains behind, and this is what you are experiencing. Although these algae blooms are not usually harmful to humans, water that tastes or smells of dirt is not pleasant to drink.

Another possible source of foul-smelling water is bacteria or metals in the water supply. Bacteria growing in your sink or in your plumbing system and pipes could lead to an earthy, musty smell.

What Happens If I Drink Musty Smelling Water?

Depending on what is causing the smell, and the concentration of that matter, water with this type of smell could either be quite harmful or not harmful at all to an individual’s health. Some smells are simply due to smell and odors remaining after the water has been filtered at the water treatment plant. Other smells are due to the presence of harmful bacteria or matter in the water.

How Do You Get Rid of Musty Water Smell?

You can try cleaning your faucet in order to remove the earthy taste, but your best bet is to have your water tested to determine the source. This way, you can rule out any possible pollutants that might be harmful to ingest. Once the source of the problem has been determined, using a home water filtration system will help to improve the taste of your water and filter out any contaminants.

Problem water filters can help in minor cases, but for other cases, like seepage, government officials may issue advice and precautions to ensure water safety. Our water experts will help identify the cause and provide a number of solutions for your fishy, musty, or earthy-smelling water.

If your water supply smells fishy, musty, or earthy, become a smelly water sleuth to find the source. Then, contact us for a free Clearwater Systems water test or request a quote today.

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