Water Smells Musty Fishy or Earthy

Get Rid of Musty Smelling Water- ClearwaterWater that tastes or smells fishy, musty, and earthy is less than desirable to drink and use.


Many algae or bacteria in the water supply can cause this type of smell, as well as some metals, like iron and copper. Seepage can also be related to an earthy or musty smell to your water.


Depending on what is causing the smell, and the concentration of that matter, water with this type of smell could either be non-harmful or quite harmful to an individual’s health. Some smells are simply due to smell and odors remaining after the water has been filtered at the water treatment plant. Other smells are due to the presence of harmful bacteria or matter still being present in the water.


Problem water filters can help in minor cases, but for other cases, like seepage, government officials may issue advice and precautions to ensure water safety. Our water experts will help identify the cause and provide a number of solutions for your fishy, musty, or earthy smelling water.

If your water supply smells fishy, smells musty or earthy, become a smelly water sleuth to find the source. Then, contact us for a free Clearwater Systems Ohio water analysis, or request a quote today.