Chlorine in Your Drinking Water

chlorine-taste-and-smell-waterIf your water smells or tastes like chlorine, the good news is that your drinking water is not contaminated.


Chlorine is used as a disinfectant in water, and added to control microbes in the drinking supply.


Most of the time, individuals will not notice chlorine in his or her water. When too much is used, however, the “pool smell” will emerge. Excess amounts of chlorine do cause a smell or bad taste, can dry out skin and hair, and can have some health risks, including anemia in infants.


Many issues with excess chlorine can easily be solved with a drinking water filtration system, or a problem water filter designed for chlorine in your drinking water.

Discover the source of your smelly water with this helpful infographic.

If you think your home has excess chlorine in its water supply, contact us for your free water analysis or request a quote today!