Iron and Manganese in Your Drinking Water

Does your water taste or smell like metal?


A metallic taste or smell in drinking water is often caused by pipes, or the presence of minerals in the water, like iron, copper or manganese. Many newer homes report metallic tasting water, which is usually due to the pipes not yet being coated with lime precipitate. Property owners with wells may taste or smell metal more often than those who receive city water.


Most of the time, iron and manganese in your water will not have health effects, though some cases with high mineral concentrations have been known to cause problems. Other effects include rust stains on porcelain, or corroded pipes.


problem water filtration system can often easily solve metallic tastes and odors. In more severe cases, older pipes may need to be replaced, or your system may need to be flushed. If you are worried there may be iron in your water or manganese in your drinking water, our water experts would be glad to put your fears to rest and find a solution if there is a problem with your water.

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