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What’s in Hamilton’s Water?

The water supply which supplies the home’s in Hamilton, Montana and its surrounding areas often faces the same common water problems. These issues cause homeowners in the area to have generally poor tasting and bitter smelling water that can cause costly damages to their water-using appliances and hot water heaters. The water supply in the Hamilton area is also noted as causing white scale buildup as a result of being hard or orange-brown staining from the presence of iron.

Overall Poor Quality, Hard WaterWhole House Water Filter System to Remove Chlorine- Clearwater Systems

Homeowners are often concerned about the poor smell, taste and overall bad quality of their drinking water. Unfortunately, the water in the Hamilton area is quite hard, due to the minerals absorbed while traveling from the treatments centers. While there are no known health risks to consuming hard water, it can:

  • Alter the taste of coffee and tea
  • Cause dry, itchy skin
  • Cause limp, lifeless hair
  • Produce unruly soaps

Build-Up on Appliances and Hot Water Heaters

The minerals found in hard water, like Hamilton water supply, can cause build up on home appliances and hot water heaters which can result in:

  • Shorter life expectancy
  • Costly damages
  • Energy Inefficiencies

Does Your Home Need a Water Treatment System?

Water quality issues vary greatly throughout Montana; however, problems can even vary throughout the same city or municipality. To learn more about your municipality’s drinking water quality, review your local water quality report.

When you are ready to learn more about your home or business’ water quality, contact us for a free in-home water analysis and we’ll tell you exactly what’s in your water. Our Water Specialist can measure your water’s level of hardness and well as identify other contaminants in order to offer a wide range of solutions to fit your needs.


Hamilton, Montana Clearwater Systems

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Hamilton, MT Drinking Water and Water Treatment Services

Clearwater Systems is Hamilton, Montana’s one stop shop for all of your water treatment needs. From commercial grade water purification systems to whole house water treatment systems to in-home bottled water delivery, the experts at Clearwater Systems can help you find the perfect system for your water’s need that will fit your budget. Stop by our store and speak with one of our experienced staff about your water treatment needs or to purchase salt, chemicals or filters for your water system. Clearwater Systems in Hamilton, MT offers:

  • Full-service water treatment
  • Indoor technical service and product information
  • Water refilling station
  • Service and delivery orders for bottled water, and chemicals
  • Kinetico water softeners, coolers, reverse osmosis & water purification systems

Free Water Analysis in Hamilton, MT

In order to make sure you are getting the right water treatment system to fit your needs, we recommend recommend getting your water tested to find out will be best for your home’s water. Contact us today to schedule your free water analysis.

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I am so pleased with my Kinetico water system. It’s got to be the best investment I’ve made for my home. My dishes are spot free, my hair and skin are softer, my coffee and tea tastes so much better and the biggest reason is my appliances last longer, they are no longer getting plugged with calcium. I highly recommend getting a reverse osmosis system. You won’t know how you ever lived without it.

Hamilton, MT

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