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Special Offer

Join us in celebrating Clearwater Systems 75 Years in Business!

Founded in 1946, Clearwater Systems is offering HUGE DISCOUNTS on the purchase of 2 treatment equipment components!* This is the biggest discount we have ever offered, so be sure to take advantage of this incredible savings before time runs out! Offer valid until October 31, 2021.
* Only available on qualifying products installed at the same location. Not valid with any other offer.

Qualifying Products:
  • Kinetico Premier Softeners
  • Kinetico SulfurGuard Systems
  • Clearwater Iron/Odor Max Filters
  • Kinetico K5 Drinking Water Stations
Premier s350
Leak Detector

Water Problems Solved!

Kinetico Leak Detection System: Stop leaks before expensive damage occurs. This customizable system stops leaks anywhere in your home and notifies you when you’re away.

Learn more about the Kinetico K5 Drinking Station:

What’s in your water?

Problem water is clearly visible in your home.

• Hard water mineral accumulation on glassware and shower doors
• Staining on sinks and tubs
• Clothes have a duller appearance
• Calcium, magnesium, and iron buildup in appliances cause inefficiency
Flat or Fluffy
Stained or Shiny
Spotty or Clear