Pressure Tanks

Pentair WellMate WM Series pressure tanks are lightweight, easy to maintain & less expensive to install than steel tanks.

  • Pentair WellMate WM-6 (20 gallon)

  • Pentair WellMate WM-9 (30 gallon)

  • Pentair WellMate WM-12 (40 gallon)

  • Pentair WellMate WM-25 (87 gallon)

Pentair WellMate’s Quick Connect series of captive air tanks utilize threadless connections at both the service connection and the tank drain assembly in order to improve both the ease of installation and product serviceability. This allows for a variety of plumbing connections (plastic, metallic, threaded or sweat). The tanks can also be rotated after installation so product specifications are accessible.

Pressure Tank Family

Pressure Tanks