Clearwater Systems cares about the impact of our business on the environment and is working towards limiting our carbon and water footprint.


Since 2015, Clearwater Systems has been implementing a paperless working environment. Water specialists and service technicians are using tablets rather than paper products for most of their day-to-day activities including appointments, sales, service visits, and installations. Store locations have switched to digital document management for record keeping, invoices, inventory, and internal communications. Going paperless reduces carbon emissions and saves gallons of freshwater which are used to produce just a single sheet of paper.


Recycling has always been important to Clearwater Systems. A large amount of cardboard is acquired and recycled daily. When cardboard is recycled, pollution is cut in half. Old batteries from used equipment are also recycled. This is essential in preventing chemicals from leaking into the ground where they can contaminate soil and water.


Clearwater Systems knows the importance of refurbishing water treatment systems rather than just having customers throw them away. These systems can be rebuilt and resold at a lower cost or rented out for those that prefer an alternative to a new system.