UV Bulbs

UV purification system used for water treatment is a method that uses UV-C radiation to neutralize harmful bacteria such as cysts, and pathogens like giardia and salmonella.  These and many unsafe organisms are rendered harmless when exposed to UV rays.

For optimal performance, UV bulbs do require annual maintenance and replacement to operate effectively and protect their performance. Ensure your UV bulbs are up-to-date so you are protected against bacteria, disease, and harmful microorganisms.

Need UV Bulbs Replaced?

Clearwater Systems inventories a wide variety of UV bulbs for both Clearwater Systems units and other popular models. Contact us and we will cross-reference the lamp for you.

Here is a list of our most common UV bulbs…

  • ATS-AS19-254V (ClearMax UV 12gpm and ClearMax UV 20gpm)
  • ATS4-450 (Clear 8 UV System)
  • ATS4-739 (Clear 12 UV System)
  • ATS4-810 (Clear 20 UV System)

If you’re not comfortable changing the UV Bulb yourself, contact Clearwater Systems at 888-928-3710 to schedule your bulb replacement.