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Residential Water Systems and Your Pond

Surface water: Pond water is a type of surface water that, like well water, can be filtered and used in the home as drinking water. While surface water can be a reliable source of water, it does need to be treated properly to ensure that there are no potential issues. Also, like any other source of water, pond water can become contaminated from outside sources and naturally occurring contaminants, so staying on top of water treatment is an important part of properly managing a pond water treatment system.

Pond water: If you are interested in maintaining a pond simply for the aesthetic value that it lends to your home and property, you will still need to filter and clean it properly to maintain a healthy and safe atmosphere for the pond life. Fish, frogs, turtles and other welcome guests will make their home in your pond and these friendly little animals need a clean environment in which to thrive.

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How can a water treatment system work to eradicate common contamination issues and make pond water healthier?

Surface water: Surface water sources like pond water are open to the elements, which makes contamination easier in many ways. Runoff from storms, construction sites, and road surfaces can all get into your pond, creating hazards that need to be filtered out before use. Oil, sludge, and dangerous chemicals can get into your water supply and become hazardous to you and your family. However, when properly filtered and disinfected, surface water can provide a source of clean, safe, and inexpensive water for household uses, livestock, lawn and garden, swimming pools or any other home or farm purpose.

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Pond water: A pond private water system is a complete water treatment system that will filter and disinfect your pond drinking water to make it safe for consumption and use in your home. Our systems are designed to provide a continuous, whole-house supply of pond safe drinking water. Through our system, your water will run through multiple filters and will be thoroughly treated and disinfected using chlorine or iodine to effectively eliminate germs and bacteria that can take hold and grow in pond water.

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Treating pond water effectively is important to maintaining a healthy pond and ensuring that your water supply remains safe and free of contamination. In order to treat and filter your water properly, you should test your pond regularly for contaminants, bacteria, or pollutants that can find their way into your water supply. A floating pond filtration system is a complete treatment system that can help you purify and filter your water through a multi-step cleansing process.

Beginning with a rough filtration, water is pulled into the filter at approximately 18” deep which is the cleanest part of the pond. The water supply is then chlorinated/iodinated using an automatic injection chlorinator or a flow-through iodination. In a large glass retention tank, the chlorine will evenly mix with the raw water, allowing for a contact period of 30 minutes to completely disinfect the water. The water is then run through a sand/carbon filter and a 10-5-1 micron step-down filtration system. These will remove any strange tastes or odors as well as unwanted microorganisms. A floating filtration system is a multi-step, complete water treatment system that will thoroughly treat your pond water and ensure that it’s safe for use.

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