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When you need specialized whole-house or single faucet-only water purifiers, Clearwater Systems is here to help. We know that each household has unique needs, and we customize each system with professional care. This provides you, the homeowner, with premium performance products that gives you the best value.

Unlike competitors, we can make our repairs and installations quickly because we have a large stock on hand. This means that you have exactly what you need when you need it. Altogether, we have over 100 different types of water purification products. In addition, we carry accessory items such as water chillers, several different types of invert osmosis drinking water devices, hot water heating units and tension tanks.

The way that our systems work best is through the individuation of each product. Many customers prefer our Kinetico Series water softeners. In particular, this model will address issues with hard water scaling that are extreme. Since hard water affects water-flow, drainage, pipes and appliances, the benefits of using our water softeners are exponential.