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Common Water Problems

Bad water symptoms range in complexity and oftentimes are very difficult to detect. If you’ve noticed the unusual taste, smells or staining from your water, contact Clearwater Systems for a free in-home water analysis. Our Water Specialists will work to assess the issues with your water in order to develop the right water treatment solution to fit your needs.

hard water build up on faucet

Hard Water

Whether water is supplied by a private well or a municipality, most homes in our region suffer from hard water. Hard water is the amount of dissolved calcium and magnesium in the water that enters your home.
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Iron & maganese stains in toilet

Iron in Water

Iron can be present in water in leaving orange-brown staining in sinks, tubs, and water using appliances. Iron also can cause corrosion to plumbing and fixtures. These metals have a metallic taste…
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Blue-green staining in drain

Blue-Green Staining

Do you notice blue-green staining around your shower and sink drains? The primary culprit of staining of this type is usually the pH balance of your water. Having an irregular pH for too long can result…
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Rotten Egg Odor

No one wants to turn on their faucet and smell the odor of rotten egg. The smell is caused by hydrogen sulfide gas. While sulfur is not harmful to consume, it does have a very unpleasant odor and can cause corrosion…
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Glass of Cloudy water

Cloudy Tap Water

Homeowners often notice that their tap water is cloudy or murky, which is also known as “turbidity.” Dissolved or suspended solids often cause cloudy tap water. Construction, storms and urban runoff can…
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Boy in pool chlorine

Chlorine Taste & Smell

Do you taste and smell chlorine in your water? Municipalities use Chlorine and \Chloramines to disinfect the water. Chlorine can also cause drying of your skin and unmanageable hair. This issue can be eliminated with an easy solution…
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lead in water

Lead in Drinking Water

Does your drinking water contain harmful levels of lead? This is becoming a common question as more people are becoming aware of the potentially harmful issues associated with lead in drinking water…
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Woman Frowning at Bad Water

Musty, Earthy or Fishy Smell

Water that tastes or smells fishy, musty, and earthy, is less than desirable to drink and use. Many algae or bacteria in the water supply can cause this type of smell, as well as some metals like iron and copper…
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