Frequently Asked Questions

Should I have my water tested?

Having your water tested isn’t just a value-added service that Clearwater Systems provides, it’s an integral part of the water softener or water filtration system purchase. The free in-home test allows your Clearwater representative determine the system that will best correct the water filtration needs in your home.

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What causes hard water?

So you have been told that your home has “hard water,” but what exactly does having hard water mean? And what causes hard water in your home? Learn more about

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Is well water safe?

Have you ever been curious as to what is lurking in your home’s well water? What effect does well water have on your body, your clothes, and your appliances? Is well water safe for drinking?

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Is fluoride in drinking water it safe?

There are conflicting reports about the effects of fluoride in drinking water. A simple in-home water test can tell you just how much (or how little) fluoride is in your home’s water so you can make an informed decision on how to proceed.

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How does a water softener work?

Whether your home has a water softener installed or you are thinking about getting one, you might be wondering just HOW a water softener works?

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How do PPCPs affect drinking water?

All U.S. water supplies contain some residual bi-products from pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCPs), but how much is too much?

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What are the effects of fracking on drinking water?

With conflicting research and one-sided documentaries, it is hard to know who to believe when it comes to the effects of fracking on drinking water.

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How does hard water affect appliances?

White staining & malodorous water are common hard water complaints, but did you know that your home’s hard water also taking a toll on your appliances? Whether it’s more soap to run your washing machine to scale building that slows down moving parts, these are not signs you want to ignore.

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How does a reverse osmosis water filtration system work?

Reverse Osmosis systems can remove up to 92% of contaminants from your drinking water. Reverse osmosis is the process of removing water impurities by forcing the water through a semi-permeable membrane.

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How do salt-free softeners work?

Salt free water conditioners created quite the buzz in the water filtration community lately, but no one seems to know how they actually work.

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What is an algae bloom?

Lake Erie experienced its worst algae bloom ever in 2015. Do you know the effects an algae bloom could have on your water supply?

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Why Get a Water Test

A serious question that concerns many families today is whether or not to have your water tested. Your families water should be safe to drink and acceptable for all other household uses.

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