What’s In Your Well Water?

If you’ve wondered about what’s lurking in your well water, you aren’t alone. About 20% of water samples from public, private, and groundwater monitoring wells contain at least one trace element, such as arsenic, manganese, and uranium, concentrated enough to be problematic.

And that’s not all. Short-term problems like bacterial infections and poor digestion can be caused by trace elements as well. Symptoms like these, and many others, have been linked to elements and contaminants in well water.

Public wells vs. private wells

About 43 million people – or 15 percent of the nation’s population – use drinking water from private wells, which are not regulated by the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act.

But even if you are getting your water from a public well, that doesn’t mean that it’s safe. Although public wells are monitored by the US Environmental Protection Agency, they still allow some chemicals present in the water when determining whether or not the water is safe to drink.

Worry-free, clean drinking water

Our water filtration systems take away the guesswork and worry out of whether or not you and your family are drinking clean water. Even if your water looks clear or is free from odors, you still might be at risk.

Don’t drink another glass of mystery water. Contact us today or schedule a free water analysis so you can see the difference for yourself.

Have Well Water

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