Water Treatment for Manufacturing


Manufacturing equipment is expensive and needs to be properly cared for, especially if it comes into contact with food or food supplies. Even commercial machinery that doesn’t come in close proximity to food products can be affected by hard water. An average of 18 million gallons of water is used in the manufacturing industry every day. Hard water can cause corrosion in manufacturing equipment and can begin to severely affect the machinery by causing breakdowns. White scale buildup from hard water can create problems with sanitation standards and can interrupt the efficiency of the production process. Water can not only impact the equipment used in creating a product, but it can also affect the product itself.

Extending the life of your equipment and ensuring that your products are safe for consumption or purchase is essential to running a facility. There are several product lines that can benefit the manufacturing industry. From our full line of water softeners, water filtration equipment, reverse osmosis systems, and purification systems to portable deionizers, Clearwater Systems can help to keep your manufacturing facility running at its best.

Hydrus 2
Commercial RO System
Hydrus System
Hydrus 2

Our commercial filters are customizable and capable of providing large quantities of constant, filtered water. Filtered water is important for food production and packaging, as well as most other forms of manufacturing. Water is also used at many different stages in the production process, including during the sterilization and cleaning process, as a lubricant and coolant, and in the production of various products such as chemicals, metals, and paper products. A commercial water softener and filtration system can help prevent corrosion and buildup on equipment and will ensure that you are using safe, clean water during the manufacturing process. We have non-backwashing options, twin tank continuous filter options, and cartridge solutions, among others. Trust our Certified Water Specialists to design and install your commercial Kinetico water softener and filtration system providing your facility with overall water quality.