Sidewalk Salt

Buy Sidewalk Salt from Clearwater Systems

Keep your driveway, steps and walkways safe with our convenient and affordable sidewalk salt solutions, available only at our Ohio locations and retail stores. Clearwater Systems is proud to offer sidewalk salt in a variety of sizes and formulas to meet all of your winter needs.

Clearwater Benefits

Sidewalk Salt Options

Our most popular and affordable solution, rock salt combines with snow and ice to effectively melt at temperatures as low as 15 °F. Available in durable, weather-resistant packaging, our sidewalk salt is designed to last all season long.

Winter Melt

Winter Melt

Made from a combination of large and small sodium chloride crystals, Winter Melt is designed to melt ice at temperatures as low as 5 °F. Winter Melt is an affordable sidewalk salt solution, and has been shown to outperform many of its more expensive counterparts.

Jiffy Melt

Jiffy Melt

Jiffy Melt is made from a specially formulated blend of sodium chloride and magnesium chloride, designed to melt ice at temperatures as low as -10 °F. Not only does Jiffy Melt work through ice quickly, it keeps melting long after application.

Directions for Use

For best results, remove slush and loose snow before applying sidewalk salt. Apply evenly as needed depending on the air temperature and snow coverage. When ice and snow melt, remove excess slush to limit contact with your concrete and asphalt surfaces. Sidewalk salt should not impact your outdoor surfaces when used appropriately.

Remember, sidewalk salt is available only in the Akron, Ohio area, and through local Clearwater Systems Ohio retail stores. If you’d like more information about our sidewalk salt solutions, contact Clearwater Systems today!