What Should I Know About Salt Free Water Conditioners?

There is a lot of uncertainty when it comes to salt free water conditioners. Do they work? How do they work? Do you still have to add chemicals? What are the benefits? The truth is that the answers to those questions differ depending on what type of salt free water conditioning process you’re talking about. That’s right, salt free water conditioning comes in many different forms.

Whole house saltless systems

Sodium Alternative

When most people think of salt, they think of sodium chloride. We put sodium chloride on our popcorn and french fries, but we also use it to soften our water. Did you know there’s a sodium chloride alternative for your water softener? Potassium chloride can be used to soften water and is a great alternative for those looking to reduce their sodium intake.

People may refer to their water softeners as salt free if they use potassium chloride. This is true in the sense that potassium chloride isn’t traditional table salt. However; according to science, potassium chloride is still technically a salt. Also, using potassium chloride does not eliminate the need to deal with heavy salt bags.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis filters are typically found under your kitchen sink. They are meant to purify your drinking water which includes softening it. Reverse Osmosis systems do not use salt and are scientifically proven to remove water hardness such as calcium and magnesium.

For a reverse osmosis system to replace a water softener you need a much larger system such as the TX Membrane. This reverse osmosis filter does the same thing as the ones under your sink for your whole house. It purifies all of your home’s water and eliminate the need to fill a softener with heavy bags of salt.

Media Systems

When people talk about salt free water conditioners, they’re probably talking about media systems like the Kinetico SRS. These conditioners alter the chemical makeup of your water decreasing the calcium and magnesium quantities & lowering the pH level. These two factors drastically reduce pipe scaling.

When the system is new, it can reduce scaling up to 90 percent. After about two years of use the media will need replaced to continue working at full capacity. This system eliminates the need to add sodium to your water but might not be as effective as a traditional water softener.

Other Technologies

While there are many more existing technologies claiming to soften water or reduce scaling without the use of salt or electricity. Research on these systems yielded inconclusive and sometimes contradictory results. At Clearwater Systems, we stick with well vetted and understood technologies to make sure our customers get the best system possible.

Hopefully after reading this you have a better understanding of salt free water conditioners. Contact us today to schedule a free water test or consultation.