Effects of Fracking on Drinking Water

Does fracking affect Ohio water

A quick Google query will bring hundreds of varying results on whether or not hydraulic fracturing (or “fracking”) actually negatively impacts drinking water. Some websites and organizations will insist that fracking has the worst environmental impact in our modern history, while others will say that studies seem inconclusive.

Despite the varying opinions and information, here is what is known for sure:

  • Fracking is the process of drilling and injecting fluid into the ground at a high pressure in order to fracture shale rocks to release the natural gas inside.
  • Dozens of wells are fractured daily, and use an average 1.5 million gallons of water per well.
  • Sources vary on the exact “mixture” in the water (and drilling experts say it always varies from well to well), but the injected water contains both sand and chemicals, which can include hydrochloric acid, benzene, synthetic glycols and alcohols, and methane.
  • Water is the universal solvent, so ground water supplies as well as municipal water supplies will always contain traces of any elements, sediments or chemicals that the water runs over or through. This can include iron or copper from water pipes, or magnesium or calcium from rock sediment.
  • Our water supplies will also include trace elements that are flushed or disposed of, like cleaning products, waste run-off or even pharmaceuticals or personal care products (PPCPs).
  • Municipal water suppliers do their best to filter and “clean” water, but the acceptable allowable range of many contaminates may be more than recommended or desired (such as fluoride).

The EPA recently published its four year study on the effects of fracking on drinking water. While the report showed a small number of drinking wells that were contaminated, overall results indicated that fracking is not having a “widespread, systematic impact on drinking water.”

Our job at Clearwater Systems is not to be experts on fracking. Instead, our job is to make you feel safe about the water you use in your home or business, no matter what. All water contains trace elements or chemicals, but until you test your water, you may not know just how much.

That’s why we offer a FREE, no-strings-attached water analysis to anyone who asks for one. So come into any of our locations, or contact us to request your analysis. Our experts will then recommend the right system for your needs.