Why Get a Water Test

A serious question that concerns many families today is whether or not to have your water tested. Your families water should be safe to drink and acceptable for all other household uses. In addition to illness, a variety of less serious problems such as taste, color, odor and staining of fixtures or clothes are symptoms of water quality dilemmas. Even water that appears problem-free may not necessarily be safe or acceptable.

Do not consider purchasing any water treatment filters, softeners or drinking water products without a water test. A complete professional water analysis will confirm and define all water problems while determining the proper type and size of technology to guarantee satisfactory results. Without a water analysis you are simply guessing and will either select the wrong solution, purchase too small a system that can’t work properly, or choose one that is too large and overpay.

Private water users should test at least yearly for bacteria and other chemicals that may be of interest. Even if your water is safe, yearly testing will enable you to have a record of your water’s prior history, so that if a change occurs, you will know. In addition, should anyone damage your water supply, you will have proof of your water quality prior to the damage.

Read below some common water testing questions.

What am I drinking?

Clearwater Systems can answer that question for you. A simple water test can restore your confidence in the safety of you and your family. More importantly, testing may reveal contaminants that you have unknowingly been living with for many years.

What can contamination cause?

Some water contamination issues can cause immediate illness, while others can create serious long-term health problems.

What happens if I have contamination?

If you have a water contamination issue, we will stop out at your house and complete a simple test that will advise us of the best way to solve the problem.

When it comes to your drinking water, quality is not optional. Clearwater Systems can offer most water tests for free. They can be completed at any of our stores, or more accurate results can be achieved by immediate testing at the source in your home, also for free. Just call to schedule an analysis appointment. Contact Clearwater Systems and take the first step in protecting your family by testing your water today!