Chemicals Cleaners & Neutralizers

Chemicals & SuppliesKeep your softener and filters clean or balance pH with chemical cleaners and neutralizers from Clearwater Systems. Iron and rust build-up can accumulate in softeners and compromise efficiency. Iron can also coat the resin bed, which results in less-than-desirable results in filtration. Often, softeners that have iron build-up or coated resin beds can stain household fixtures and clothing. For resin problems, regenerate or clean resins with Potassium Permanganate or powdered citric acid.

Some water systems have high acid content, and chemicals like Soda Ash or Calcite Corosex can help to neutralize acid or provide a stronger pH adjustment when needed. In problem pH situations, chemicals can also assist in cutting down corrosion in your softener.

For well water disinfectant, chlorine pellets provide safe and convenient sanitation. Liquid chlorine is hazardous, but chlorine pellets are semi-soft and fast-dissolving that sanitize the entire well.

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