Garden Hose Water Filter

garden hoseAll the water being used outside your home can also be conditioned for garden irrigation, filling hot tubs and pools, and other outdoor uses. Irrigation water can be treated to remove hydrogen sulfide gas smells, iron (which stains everything it comes in contact with) and chlorine, an additive intended to kill living organisms like fungi and bacteria that are harmful to ingest. However, killing bacteria and fungi can harm some plants, particularly lilies and Dracaena.

Be sure to protect your plants and lawn and allow for nature to provide them the nourishment they need with outside water filtration. Taking care of your plants keeps their ecosystem intact contributing to healthier soil and insects. Some insects and beneficial bacteria are very susceptible to chlorinated water, such as ladybugs, lacewings, nematodes among many others.

Organic Gardeners Use Garden Hose Water Filter

If you work hard to create organic compost that can be used on your garden, the last thing you want to introduce are chemicals such as chlorine or chloramine. These compounds are sanitizers and are used in all municipal water systems. But chlorine and chloramine can ruin the bacteria you need for composting. For good compost, you need a chlorine filter that can be easily used with a hose.

Small filter cartridges can be used to remove iron, and a standard filter size would be 10″ to 12″ in diameter and almost 6 feet tall. The filter should have the ability to “backwash” and clean itself of the iron it removes. The size of the filter and cartridges will depend on how much outdoor water you plan to filter. You may also need a garden hose adaptor for the garden hose water filter.

Using a Garden Hose Water Filter to Fill a Pool or Hot Tub

A garden hose filter with a cartridge may be enough filtration to fill a relatively small hot tub with frequent cartridge changes, but for a large hot tub or swimming pool you may want to consult with a water treatment professional. Using a small garden hose filter to fill a full-sized swimming pool with well water that contains iron, might not work. Our advice is to get a qualified water analysis from Clearwater Systems to determine the proper technology and method to use in hard mineral, chlorine, and bacteria removal for your outdoor uses. Contact Clearwater Systems to schedule a free water test.