Risk-Free Guarantee

90 Day Guarantee

With our 90-day risk-free guarantee on all of our water conditioners and drinking water systems, we make it easy for home and business owners who want to enjoy the benefits of improving their water but are unsure about which system is best for them. At Clearwater Systems, we are confident that no water filtration system is better than what we have to offer. We will happily replace or take back any of our water purification systems that do not meet your expectations.

By providing you with the best possible value, we aim to earn your trust. We use environmentally friendly components in our treatment systems and continue to innovate our offerings as we have done throughout our company’s history since 1946.

Our unique risk-free guarantee means that you can try our advanced filtration systems with no risk and no obligation. If any part of our solution fails to live up to your expectations, we will repair the problem to your satisfaction or remove the equipment and refund the purchase price, subject to conditions and limitations. This guarantee will remain in effect for 90 days after the original installation date. You have nothing to lose except the hard, unpleasant and poor-tasting water that runs throughout your home or business.

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