Inline Water Treatment Filters

FiltersAn inline water filter system can help protect your home’s water softener or filtration system, your home’s appliances and assist in purifying water by removing the sediment (dirt and debris) from building up. Both city and well water can contain varying levels of sediment that can clog faucets, damage appliance and alter the taste of your drinking water. Installing an inline water filter for prefiltration can help eliminate sediment in the water before it enters your Kinetico water softener.

What is an Inline Water Filter

Inline water filters is a water filtration system that is installed within the pipework of your home. As water flows through the inline filter on the way to your faucet, the pressure from the movement of the flow allows the filter to remove any sediment from the water before it enters your Kinetico water softener. Inline water filters assist in removing rust and sediment from your water supply and is an ideal choice for pre-reverse osmosis systems, pre-water softeners, under-sink filters, and ice makers.

Think of an inline water filter like an A/C filter or the fuel filter in your car; it removes any sediment particles that could potentially clog shower heads and faucets, or cause build up in your hot water heater, pipes, and appliances.

Where Does Sediment in Water Come From?

When sediment and debris are present in your water supply, it can alter the look, smell, and taste. Sediment, most commonly sand, rust, and debris, is found in both city and well water as a result of the water lines which the water travels through and flooding or ground disturbance in the area. The presence of sediment for homes with well water can also be an indicator that your well pump is not functioning properly.

Does My Home Need an Inline Water Filter?

Before purchasing any home water filtration systems, it’s best to get your water tested in order to make sure you are getting the right system to fit your need. At Clearwater Systems, we are proud to offer free in-home water testing to find out exactly what’s going on with your water supply and develop the best system for your home.