Iron & Manganese Staining


Many people notice that after running water, the appearance is initially clear in color. Gradually, it will begin to cause staining. Others may notice blue-green discoloration in piping or staining in sink areas in the home. Scale and corrosion are common problems often associated with plumbing. The high concentration of iron and manganese in the water supply is what causes staining and discoloration to take place.

What else happens with the water when staining occurs?

The metallic taste and smell characteristic of stain water start with the pipe system. The minerals in the water like copper or iron accumulate in the pipe systems. Pipes in the home that have not been coated properly or aging pipes can be the reason for the problem. Homeowners relying on well water can also have issues with the taste of the water.

Is water staining harmless?

Stained water isn’t particularly dangerous. In order to be dangerous, it must be consumed in very large quantities. Metallic water is more of a nuisance that results in an unpleasant taste. It can also be a hassle to clean if allowed to settle on surfaces like sinks or bathtubs.

Addressing staining in water with treatment and filtration:

Filtration systems remove the impurities from the water, improving the cleanliness of the water. Filters work hard to resolve mineral problems in water, reducing them to small amounts. The pH levels may be elevated to the recommended 7 or greater on the pH scale to increase alkaline levels. During filtration, iron levels are eliminated. When combined with advanced water technologies, the water is processed in multiple cycles, which produces much cleaner water. Metallic aftertaste is removed as sediment is gradually eliminated and less staining occurs when these systems are installed. Additionally, individuals may want to have their plumbing inspected. Replacing aging pipes can further improve the quality of the water supply. After testing is performed, experts can determine the best course of action in resolving this matter.

Putting filtration systems to work in your home

Water problems like staining can cause an orange, rust-like orange appearance in the water. Clothing, sinks, tubs and appliances can be affected by this staining problem, and the stains can be incredibly difficult to remove. Water treatment systems eliminate many of these problems. Matching the appropriate solution to a specific water problem requires a free analysis.

For safe, cleaner water, schedule a free analysis today.