Josh Baumhoer

Meet Water Specialist Josh Baumhoer

Josh Baumhoer

Josh has been with Clearwater Systems for 2 years and is a certified Kinetico Representative and KUDOS certified. In 2020, Josh received the Bronze Sales Award from Kinetico.  Josh has lived in the Eastern Ohio area his entire life. He went to school in the area and received his Bachelor’s Degree from Kent State University in Biology with a Chemistry minor. He enjoys snowboarding, traveling the world with his wife, and being apart of a volleyball league.

Josh believes Clearwater Systems provides their customers with the best service and products, all for the best price. He is passionate about selling Kinetico products because they are manufactured locally in Ohio, and between Clearwater Systems and Kinetico, the dollars remain local.

As a Water Specialist, Josh’s favorite success stories to share are when Clearwater Systems beats out the competition! He enjoys providing customers with the highest quality filtration systems available.

If you are in East Ohio and would like more information or a Free Water Analysis, be sure to ask for Josh Baumoer.