The Effectiveness of Electronic or Magnetic Water Softener Systems

magnetic field water pipesEvery few years another new company surfaces featuring a “new” miracle product that will supposedly offer the benefits of a water softener without using salt. The obvious reaction is “Great. I can get rid of my softener, stop buying and carrying salt, and just strap this little device to my plumbing and still get soft water”.

However, the truth is these types of products have been in and out of the market for over 30 years. They usually come and go quickly as the consumer complaints mount, forcing the new company to move to another area. With the rise of digital marketing, we are sure that these companies and products will be around to mislead consumers and sell millions on benefits that will never be realized.

What are Magnetic Water Softeners?

Magnetic water softeners is a water treatment system that claims to reduce water’s hardness by passing it through a magnetic field. The idea is that by using a powerful magnet on the outside of your pipe, the magnet will pull or alter the ions found in your water before it enters your home’s plumbing system.

The Truth About Electronic or Magnetic Water Treatment Systems

As water passes through the unit’s magnetic field, calcium and magnesium ions are, in theory, altered and no longer able to cause scale. However, magnetic water softener does not remove calcium and magnesium, which are hard water elements that form scale in pipes and appliance components. This is especially true in places where water sits, such as hot water tanks, even with magnetic water treatment systems, scale still forms. There is little to no data that shows that magnetic water treatment systems are dependable for softening water. Their random efficiency may be affected by other magnetic fields, the distance the water travels and length of time it remains in the pipe.

Here’s the truth, if testing proved these products worked, Clearwater would have incorporated them into our product line years ago. If you’re tempted, do the research. You’ll save yourself several hundred to thousands of dollars and avoid an awful lot of frustration.

Water Treatment Systems that Really Work

If you are in the market for a high-performing drinking water system, water softener or another water filter, contact us or schedule a free water test today! Our water treatment systems will drastically improve your water’s quality and stand the test of time. If you are looking for an electric option, then we carry our very own Clearwater SmartSoft and Clearwater SimpleSoft durable, long-lasting water softeners.