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What’s in most of Northwestern Pennsylvania water?

Both public and well water in homes in northwestern Pennsylvania often face common water problems. Water in the area generally tastes bad, can smell, and can cause costly damages to hot water heaters and appliances like refrigerators, coffee makers, and dishwashers. The water supply in the area also causes white scale buildup because it is considered hard water.  Occasionally an orange or brown stain on bathroom showers, tubs, and drains indicates the presence of iron.

Overall Northwestern Pennsylvania has poor water quality.

Homeowners are rightly concerned about the smell, taste and overall bad quality of their drinking water. Unfortunately, the water is quite hard, due to the heavy amounts of calcium present. While there are no known health risks to consuming hard water, it can:

  • Change how coffee, tea, and cooked food tastes
  • Cause dry, itchy skin
  • Dry hair so that it appears limp
  • Lime scaling build up on tubs, sinks, and faucets
  • Clog pipes

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Hard Water Causes Build-Up on Appliances and Hot Water Heaters

The minerals found in the water supply can cause build up on home appliances and hot water heaters which can result in:

  • Shorter life expectancy
  • Costly damages
  • Energy Inefficiencies

Does Your Northwestern, Pennsylvania Home Need a Water Treatment System?

Pennsylvania water quality issues can vary greatly, even within the same city or municipality. To learn more about your municipality’s drinking water quality, review your local water quality report.

When you are ready to learn more about your home or business’ water quality, contact us for a FREE in-home water analysis and we’ll tell you exactly what’s in your water. Our Water Specialist can test your water’s level of hardness, iron, pH, TDS, and offer a wide range of solutions to fit your needs.

Meadville, PA Drinking Water & Water Treatment Services

Clearwater Systems in Meadville, PA is a one-stop-shop for all your water treatment needs. From commercial grade water purification systems to residential whole house water treatment systems, the experts at Clearwater Systems can help you find the perfect system for your water’s need that will fit your budget. Stop by our store and speak with one of our experienced staff about your water treatment needs or to purchase salt, chemicals or filters for your water system. Clearwater Systems in Meadville, PA offers:

  • Full-service water treatment
  • Indoor technical service and product information
  • Service and delivery orders for consumables used in water filtration and water softener water filtration maintenance.
  • Kinetico – non-electric water filtration systems, Electric water filtration systems, bottles coolers, drinking water systems, reverse osmosis, Ultraviolet water systems, and water purification systems.

Free Water Analysis near Northwestern, PA

In order to make sure you are getting the right water treatment system to fit your needs, we  recommend getting your water tested to find out will be best for your home’s water.

Crisp Clean Drinking Water

“We had a 25-year old Kinetico system that has never given us a problem. We decided to update it and upgraded it as well with the Drinking Water Station. It’s great to have crisp, clean drinking water right from the tap. The Water Specialist was friendly, professional, and entertaining. The installation team was efficient and quickly had our new system installed. We couldn’t be happier with our water and Clearwater/Luminous Water Solutions!”

Candy S.
Girard, PA

New purchase of Clearwater/Luminous Water Solutions

“We recently purchased Luminous Water Solutions to correct a bad iron problem in our water. The salesman was very thorough in explaining the testing he was doing and the results, very knowledgeable. Our installation by Dave was handled in a very professional manner. He arrived on time, did an excellent job with the installation, and made sure we understood the system. The follow-up by the salesman was this morning and, again, he went over the system with us completely. Our water has never been this good!!! We are very, very pleased with the whole experience.”

Edward B.
Oil City, PA

First, I was very happy with the quick response I received when I called your office inquiring about your Kinetico products. Your sales rep was very professional and had Ken give me a call back to schedule an in-home test of our water.  Ken then proceeded to explain the various types of systems to me and left me with enough printed info to make a decision. After my wife and I decided to go with Kinetico the installation date was set up to our satisfaction. As I told you in the office, Steve was a complete professional in every way. He immediately went to work removing the old system (Rain Soft) we had for 15 plus years and installed the new Kinetico system.  He had a couple of small issues,  he was short a little bit of water line for the water filter system he installed. However, your office sent a person up to our house with the need product to finish the job. He also went over the whole system with me explaining how to make sure that I understood how the system worked and about cleaning and changing the filters. He then removed the old system and made sure all leftover materials were picked up and that the basement was in the same order he found it.

It has been almost 2 months since the Kinetico system was installed and both my wife and I have noticed the big difference (for the better)  since we purchased it from you. Again I would like to say that your employees represented your company in a very satisfactory manner and I hope you will tell them that we appreciated their professional manner in which they took care of the Hamilton’s.

John H Hamilton
Fairview, PA.

We have a Kinetico full house system for years but recently had a K5 installed. Our dog “Happy” wasn’t as happy before she had the great water from the K5 drinking water system.

Mr. Melvin
Edinboro, PA

Formerly Luminous Water Solutions

Luminous Water Solutions opened in 1985 in Meadville Pennsylvania under the guidance of Luanne McDaniel as Gordon Brothers.  In 2008 we changed our name to Luminous Water Solutions. In 2017 Luminous Water Solutions was purchased by ClearWater Systems and the merger was completed in March of 2019.

Our Service Department has over 40 years of water treatment experience combined in
water treatment and continues on going Education. Our Water Specialist is continually educated on the latest water quality treatments and the latest water treatment equipment with concentration on the Kinetico water equipment.

We have provided water treatment systems for over thousands of customers both residential and commercial in Northwestern Pennsylvania.

Awards and Memberships

Selected as one of the top 3 finalist for 2015 Meadville Chamber of Commerce Diamond Awards Small Business AwardKinetico Power Awards:

2012 -2014-Kinetico Bronze Award
2013-Kinetico System Sales Award – #3 Dealer in the United States– Recognized by Kinetico for outstanding system sales ranking #3 out of 250 Dealers in the United States, based on 2013 sales.

Members Of:

WQA—Water Quality AssociationThe Meadville Chamber of CommerceBuilders Association of
Northwestern Pennsylvania

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