Clearwater SmartSoft Water Softeners

Clearwater SmartSoft has three main objectives for common water problems:

  • Prevent scale build-up and iron staining
  • Deliver peak performance after install
  • Move beyond the trend of disposable water softeners

Clearwater Smartsoft100 Water Softener

Durable vs. Disposable:

Many water conditioning systems on the market today are designed to be disposable mainly because they weren’t made to be serviced. Clearwater’s SmartSoft system is an easy and affordable maintenance solution, designed to be a more durable, longer-lasting appliance. All components of the Clearwater SmartSoft are easily separated and exchangeable with the factory. You have the option of exchanging the components yourself or having one of our experienced technicians provide in-home service.

Unique features of Clearwater SmartSoft Water Softener include:

  • Regeneration based on average water usage
  • Failure to use salt
  • Lithium battery backup
  • Non-corrosive material on all parts
  • Low salt alert
  • System malfunction alert
  • Fewer moving parts

Design Efficiency vs. Other Electrics

Clearwater SmartSoft continues to strive to improve parts and design. Ultra-low power consumption, maximized salt efficiency, and energy savings auto-display are all a part of this innovative system. The SmartSoft is also a smart appliance. Advanced electronics provide extensive information about water usage, identify plumbing leads, and even back data on water-usage patterns.

Vortech Design:

Vortech design is unlike conventional distributors. It significantly improves the efficiency of the softener system by reducing backwash rates at least 30% and reducing pressure loss up to 40%. The bottom plate is innovatively designed to achieve greater resin cleansing coupled with lower waste use. The system is gentler on the resin, and prolongs its service life.

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