Trace Elements and Well Water Testing

farm with well waterEver wonder what’s lurking in your well water? About 20% of water samples from public, private, and groundwater monitoring wells contain at least one trace element, such as arsenic, manganese, and uranium, concentrated enough to be problematic.

Public wells, and its contaminants, are regulated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The main contaminants are removed from the water before it comes through your faucet, but potentially harmful elements and minerals could still be present in the water. And what’s worse is that private wells aren’t subject to regulations and could contain large amounts of unwanted chemicals.

How to trace elements that enter the water
Nearly all of the chemicals found in drinking water weren’t intentionally put there. For example, manganese and arsenic enter our water supply through the rock weathering process. Tasks like mining and construction also contribute to trace elements. Although there isn’t a way to eliminate rock weathering or construction, you can consider installing a water filter to remove what’s leftover.

How to trace elements can affect your health 
Trace elements may cause long-term health issues. It has been proven that consistent exposure to arsenic leads to cancer and high-levels of uranium causes kidney disease. In young children, manganese is known to affect intellectual development.

Short-term problems like bacterial infections and poor digestion can be caused by trace elements as well. Symptoms like these, and many others, have been linked to elements and contaminants in well water.

More studies are underway, such as those attempting to link the causes of Alzheimer’s disease and cardiovascular diseases with aluminum and arsenic, respectively, in drinking water. Testing your well water will determine if you and your family have been exposed to dangerous levels of trace elements.

How Clearwater Can Help
We offer drinking water purification systems that can lessen your worry and keep your family safe from trace chemicals in well water. We offer water testing to Ohio, Florida, and Michigan residents to see if, and which, chemicals are present in your unfiltered well water.

Don’t drink another glass of mystery water. Contact Clearwater Systems today to learn about our water services.