Over time, homes with acidic water can face costly issues like leaks, corrosion or a significantly shortened life of their plumbing, pipes, and water-based equipment. A water acid neutralizer system helps eliminate these problems while preventing any potential health problems that can stem from acidic water.

Effects of Acidic Water

Acidic waters can drain heavy metals like copper, iron, and lead from its surrounding environments. Due to its highly corrosive nature, acidic water will corrode plumbing over time causing pinhole leaks and pipe failure. These same corrosive characteristics will cause serious damage to your home’s appliances like dishwashers, washer, and hot water heaters, ultimately resulting in costly repairs before the end of the appliance’s normal life cycle.
In addition, acidic water causes blue-green staining in your sinks, showers and bathtubs, and can else stain your laundry. Acidic water may also have a metallic, sour taste.

How Do You Neutralize Acidic Water?

In order to neutralize acidic water and eliminate the problems associated with it (blue-green stains on copper fixtures or pipes or in tubs and sinks), you must raise the pH of the water to a neutral level of 7. Our aid neutralizer systems uses a consumable calcium and magnesium media to increase water alkalinity on contact and neutralize the acid.

Because the Acid Neutralizer runs on the kinetic energy from the flow of your water, rather than electricity, it is a highly economical option when compared to other water cleaning systems. The Acid Neutralizer runs consistently and continuously. With no timers or computers to set, adjust or repair; you can depend on this whole house water filter to provide you and your family with clean water 24 hours a day.

Does Your Home Need an Acid Neutralizer System?

Home’s that rely on groundwater or well water for their water supply typically have acidic water and could benefit from a neutralizer system. If you’ve noticed any of the effects above or would like to gain a better understanding of the quality of your home’s water, schedule an appointment for our free water testing services. If you have any questions about acid neutralizer systems or home water treatment solutions, contact us today!