Iron Filters

Tired of iron stains on your clothing, or strong sulfur smell every time you turn on the tap? With a chemical-free Clearwater SmartClear Iron-Sulfur Filter, we can stop iron stains and provide your home, business or property with “stink-free,” freshwater.

Our goal is to customize the right solution for you. Each well is different, but we offer solutions for both mild to high iron levels, wells with iron and sulfur problems, the high sulfur content in water, even custom solutions for out-of-the-ordinary or extraordinary conditions.

We keep our systems Smart. SmartControl has comprehensive alerts and advanced readouts to help keep your system efficient and running smoothly. Vortech distributor technology also contributes to overall efficiency by controlling backwash rates by reducing them by 30% and diminishing pressure loss by 40%.

Our systems are also chemical-free, so you don’t have to worry about damage to your fixtures, faucets or health. We use the power of oxygen to oxidize impurities, and leave you with fresh, clean, iron and sulfur-free water.

Clearwater Systems has been providing custom water softening and filtration solutions to our customers for over 65 years. Regardless of your water problem, big or small, we have the expertise to diagnose and treat your unique water situation in a Smart, chemical-free, and worry-free way, using the best and latest technology.

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